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Having trouble with School Email?
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Monday, March 30, 2020
Accessing School Email
Accessing School Email

Remember, your school email is powered by Microsoft not Google. Even if you are using Google and a Chromebook, you must login to 365 and access your mail through the Outlook app. 

Keep in mind that you have two school accounts-Google and Microsoft; both have the same username and password.

  • Google is used to access a school Chrome Book and any form that the school has restricted to students only. This account is also used by any teacher that uses Google Classroom and/or exams powered by Google Forms, Sheets, Slides, Docs.
  • Microsoft is used for school email, TEAMS, and Microsoft forms. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also available with this account. 

 If you have never accessed your email or logged into your accounts before, login for both is your email (first initial+last name+the last two digits of the year you were


             Password: Grainger1 (if you've never logged in and changed it)

                   If you have changed your password but don't remember it, call the school and request a reset. 

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